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Interpet are delighted to be exhibiting at what promises to be an inspiring Interzoo 2024.  You’ll find us in Hall 1 – Stand 1-211 where our Export sales team and specialist product managers will be pleased to welcome you.

Founded in 1952, Interpet Central stands as a pioneering force in the industry, dedicated to the well-being of pets both furry and aquatic. The company’s commitment to innovation and expertise has propelled them to the forefront of the market with a portfolio that proudly boasts numerous high-quality brands, a testament to their unwavering dedication to providing pets and their owners with the finest products. In addition to their K&H and Four Paws brands the Company will be using Interzoo 2024 to showcase a mix of new and best-selling product lines from the following brands:


Since 1955 Nylabone has been at the forefront of crafting durable and engaging dog chew toys, catering to the diverse needs of canines of all breeds and sizes. With a rich legacy the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation has made them a trusted name in the pet industry. From extreme chews that withstand the most vigorous chewing strengths to tailored designs for dogs of various sizes, their long-lasting products reflect a passion for enhancing the well-being and enrichment of our four-legged friends.

New Nylabone products for 2024 include two sensory puppy chews, a fun Rolley chew that spins and rolls when played with, an extreme Gaitor Tail that offers the texture of real bone, and a Sneaky Snacker treat toy with a flexible middle section that opens so that your dog’s favourite treats and spreads can be added.

With a foundation built on expertise, longevity, and a genuine love for pets, Nylabone continues to be the go-to choice for discerning pet owners seeking reliable and entertaining chew toys for their furry companions.

Comfort Zone

A trailblazer brand that originated in the USA, Comfort Zone understands the importance of providing a stress-free environment for our feline friends. Their range of drug-free, natural pheromone calming products is founded by a commitment to innovation and science-backed solutions that ensure that beloved cat companions experience tranquility without the need for pharmaceutical interventions.

Designed to help alleviate stress-induced behavioural problems such as urine marking and excessive scratching, the Comfort Zone Plug-In Pheromone Diffuser omits a drug-free vapour that mimics a cat’s natural facial pheromone. Recommended by vets, pheromones aid in creating a relaxed home environment which in turn helps to promote positive cat behaviours.

The Diffuser range comprises a: Starter Kit which includes a diffuser and refill, a single refill, and a four-refill value pack. Each refill lasts for thirty days, whilst the diffuser remains effective for twelve months.

And, for cats who enjoy a more adventurous life there’s a drug-free Pheromone Collar. Available in single or double packs, it is fully adjustable to fit all sizes of cats and features a ‘break-away’ fastening making it safe to be worn whilst in the house or outside.


Mikki welcomes you to a legacy of canine care that spans over four decades. The esteemed pet brand has dedicated itself to enhancing the well-being of man’s best friend through a rich history of producing top-notch grooming, care, and training products for dogs. With a commitment to quality and a deep understanding of the unique needs of our furry companions, Mikki has become a trusted name in the industry, ensuring that every wagging tail receives the love, attention, and specialised care it deserves.

Recognising the ever-growing trend in Doodle (Poodle crossbreeds) ownership, Mikki has enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to cater to their unique needs. With a keen understanding of the fur type resulting from poodle crossbreeds, they have introduced the Doodles range which includes a three-step grooming programme and a fully legged coat that has a special polyester silk lining to prevent friction and matting. Setting the standard for excellence in dog care, Mikki draws on decades of experience and a passion for fostering the enduring bond between pets and their devoted owners


The Kaytee brand has a history dating back over one hundred years and was started originally as a grain and feed business in the USA in 1866 by Nicholas Knauf. Over the next one hundred plus years the brand expanded its product offering into the ever-growing hobby and companion pet market. Kaytee’s innovative range of small animal products is designed to encourage interaction and enhance the bond between owner and pet.

Of particular note is the Kaytee’s Clean & Cozy,a revolutionary small pet bedding that is made from excess materials generated by the food and hygiene industries. It differs from any other paper pet bedding in that it has a proprietary manufacturing process and uses real paper rather than the pulp that is used by other pet brands. It is the cellulose fibre in this process that ensures that Clean & Cozy absorbs twice as much liquid as wood shavings, is 99.9% dust free, and softer than other paper options.

Sold in compact, easy to stack packaging, Clean and Cozy expands to three times its volume and is available in several pack sizes from 24.6 litres to 85 litres and in a choice of plain white, natural, fun-coloured confetti, and extreme odour which offers up to fourteen days odour control.


With a combined experience of well over 100 years in the hobby, pond keeping is a passion for the Aquagarden team! Their personal enjoyment and hands-on knowledge of this hobby is the backbone of their innovations, creating some of the most unique technologies and products in the pond and water gardening industry.

The Aquagarden range of quality outdoor pond and water gardening products is packed full of innovation.  All the products are designed with a focus on making it as simple and easy as possible for users to install, maintain and get the most out of their pond.

New for 2024 is the ‘No Dig Nature Pool’. An innovative new product that brings the beauty and ecological benefits of a natural pond to any garden. This raised pool, features a high-quality solar fountain and wildlife ladder and is quick and easy to assemble thanks to the innovatively designed click-fit resin panels that form the pool. No tools are needed, and it can be built and filled in under an hour.  As the pool is freestanding, there is no need for any backbreaking digging or disturbance to your garden and can be easily relocated at any time. 

The pool provides a perfect source of water for birds to drink and bathe at the dedicated bathing beach. Whilst the Liberty solar powered fountain and its five beautiful water display options provides the gentle sound of moving water, adds a touch of tranquillity and water movement to oxygenate the water.


All brand ranges are available to order now via Interpet’s trade website here https://trade.interpet.co.uk/

For further press information, photography, or expert quotes please contact, Alex Randell at Big Bark PR Tel: 01306 731331 E: alex@bigbarkpr.co.uk

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