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PetLove & Mighty Mutts FAQs


How long should a Ragger! last?

The product is of rope construction and it is impossible for us to give a life expectancy, as each dog varies in its attention and enthusiasm towards the Ragger!

What is the dye in the Ragger!

The dye is vegetable based and is non-toxic.

What is the Ragger! Made from?

The Ragger! is made from 100% cotton and ideal for flossing teeth. They are fully machine washable.

How long does the voice box in a Chatterbox toy last for?

We would expect that the voice box in the Chatterbox toys would last for approximately 6 months.

Mighty Mutts

How do I apply for my replacement product as part of the guarantee?

You can find out how to obtain your replacement, as well as the terms and conditions of the 3 year guarantee here.

What are Mighty Mutts made from?

Mighty Mutts are made from a revolutionary rubber material called SEBS (Styrene Ethylene Butylene Styrene) and is a form of thermo plastic rubber.

What does the guarantee cover?

We offer a one-off free replacement within the 3 years of the guarantee.

Which Mighty Mutts toys are covered by this guarantee?

All Mighty Mutts toys are covered by the guarantee; however, the rope part of the ragger toys is not covered.

What if my dog ate some of the toy?

Mighty Mutts contains no materials or substances that are harmful to your dog. In most cases small amounts of the toy will do no damage; however we do recommend that you take the toy away from your dog if it appears to be destroying it.

The rope is fine to pass through your dog; however it is not encouraged to be eaten so ensure you keep an eye on your dog when chewing the product.

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